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The summer brings tourists to Finland and the Baltic area from all over the world!

Geisha promotion at Helsinki Airport

There is always an excuse to enjoy chocolate, and Valentine’s Day is of course one such reason! Our promoters in Helsinki airport are now dressed in pink, just like one Fazer’s icons – the famous Geisha Chocolate. Find the perfect gift to share with your loved ones!

On your next travel to Finland, you might meet our new Bacardi Brand Ambassador, Marianna in Helsinki Airport. Marianna has gained her knowledge about the world of spirits in the restaurant industry, and is able to help travelers in Finnish, English and Russian.

Cinderella Whiskey Fair

Soon, the long wait will be over and we can stop counting the days. No, it is not Christmas, but something even better – the Cinderella Whiskey Fair! This malty event takes places aboard the Viking Cinderella on three cruises from 14 to 17 February. Pack your kilt and see you there!

News from Helsinki Airport

Is it Santa Claus, the thousand lakes or an authentic sauna experience that is attracting more and more Asian tourists to Finland? It’s probably all of this, and much more besides! Helsinki Airport already welcomes more than 20 million passengers each year, and is preparing to set new records soon.


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