Nordic Airports Passenger Numbers Update – January 2024

Several Nordic Airports have released passenger data of January.

• 3.3 million passengers traveled through Avinor airports, up by 2% from last year.
• Tromsø airport saw a remarkable 126% growth on international routes.

• Nearly 2.1 million passengers used Swedavia airports, slightly down from last year.
• Stable demand for air travel despite global uncertainties.
• Domestic travel shows a weaker trend compared to international.

• 1,478,403 passengers traveled through Finavia airports, up by 2.4% from last year.

Copenhagen Airport:
• Recorded 1.7 million passengers, marking a 7% increase from January 2023.

Overall, while there are uncertainties, such as global situations and economic concerns, international travel is showing resilience and growth in various Nordic airports, with expectations for increased traffic and route expansions in the upcoming months.

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