About Us

Experts in Travel Retail since 1994.

29 years of experience in Travel Retail


Founded in 1994 by Petri Parviainen and has become one of the leading providers of promotional services in the Nordics & Baltic Sea area.

Our devoted team has run promotions in airport duty-free shops, on cruise ferries and in border shops for more than two decades now and successfully contributed to sales growth and brand awareness for the client brands, which can be proven through the strong, on-going partnerships. We know how it works and to expect the unexpected.


About Us


The story of SP-Works started in 1994 when the founder and CEO of SP-Works, Petri Parviainen, discovered there to be a pain point in the travel retail industry - the need to find and match the right people with the right brands.

Now SP-Works has been operating in the travel retail industry in the Nordics for more than two decades. So far, we've managed to achieve our goals by creating meaningful relationships with both our clients and employees through devoted commitment in order to achieve long-termed cooperation far into the future.

Mission & Focus

Our mission is to keep the position as the most qualitative provider of promotional services through constant delivery of desired outcomes. The long experience and constant growth have convinced our team to prioritize the quality, expertise, and uniqueness of providing tailored solutions. We have succeeded to receive positive results through the training of our employees, comprehensive reporting and insightful feedback for the client brands.

Our main focus is to stay relevant by keeping a leading position in our industry through brand awareness and strategic sales growth with the help of uncompromising service quality.


The duty-free travel & retail industry in the Nordics is a specific niche, which is fun and adventurous, with a diverse set of expertise in the industry.

We are proud to cooperate with exclusive, world-known brands, with decades of history in their category.

All of the client companies have a strong brand image, and we help to maintain their brand awareness through specifically designed campaigns and projects.

The long experience of representing a large portfolio of international brands within travel retail has given us a broad understanding and expertise of various ways to deliver desired results to our collaborators, partners, and clients.

Check out the 'clients' page for references.


To be the most trusted matchamaker in travel retail in the Nordics


To be the leading provider of promotional services through quality, expertise, and loyalty.


Create Brand Awareness and Sales Growth in the long-term for our the client brands.

About us


Our team has operated in the travel retail and duty-free industry for 10 to 25 years and is driven to advise your company on how to succeed in boosting the overall sales through our tailored promotional services. Whether you need short-term sales promoters or a long-term area representative, you are sure to find what you’re looking for at SP-Works.

We operate in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, and Germany and provide our promotional services in English, Finnish, Estonian, Swedish, German, Mandarin, and Russian. You are welcomed to contact us anytime!

Petri Parviainen

Founder & CEO
+358 40 544 6898

If you are interested in the latest news about travel retail or want to hear some stories about the golden years of the 1990s, our CEO Petri is the guy for you. Once a promoter himself, he was such a good fit for his role in the travel retail industry that he decided to turn it into a lifelong career.

Malin Elg

Project Manager
+358 40 833 2660

Malin takes good care of people and cats alike. Outside the travel retail sector, she might have a bright future in the pharmacy industry. She has a pill in her pocket to cure any trouble, and if it can’t be healed with medicine, then her empathy and good thoughts will certainly help.

Linda Österberg

Project Manager
+358 45 635 5596

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