Services in Travel Retail

Sales Promotions and Recruitment solutions since 1994 within the Nordic & Baltic Travel Retail Market.

Promotional Services

Our main focus is to offer services to companies that need help in recruiting experts within the travel retail industry. Examples of our promotional services are; Brand Ambassadors, Sales Promoters or Merchandisers at locations like Airports, Cruise ferries, and Border Shops in the Nordic & Baltic Regions. Regardless of your specific requirements, don't wait - we are here for you!

We are specialized in providing tailored service solutions to deliver valuable brand awareness and sales growth for your operations in the long-term, e.g. multilingual sales promoters during high seasons, whiskey experts for special events, or feedback surveys in the field.

We are more than happy to discuss how we can help in promoting your brand in the most profitable way.

Brand Ambassadors in Travel Retail

The Brand Ambassador concept is our most popular service.

The Brand Ambassador concept is a marketing campaign with specific goals, such as improving sales, reputation and increasing brand awareness. The projects vary from temporary partnerships for a fixed period, to long-termed, ongoing ones.

We recruit committed industry experts with careful consideration to represent the customer's brand. The selected Brand Ambassadors are specialists within Travel Retail and have a wide experience of traveling in the Nordic regions.

The Brand Ambassadors at SP-Works are natural influencers with a specific brand or product expertise such as beauty consultants, champagne or chocolate. They are passionate about building and growing relevant relationships and talented at collecting useful feedback. Their goal is to stay on top of the game and act as your brands' eyes and ears in the field to help grow the ROI on sales.



Sales Promotion in Travel Retail

Sales promotion is one of our most used services during the high season - and for a good reason.

Sales Promotion is an essential part of travel retail and to the travelers' positive brand experience. The results of our promotional services have proven that tastings or face-to-face contact strongly remains as a profitable asset for the brand image in the long-term. The promoted brand has the opportunity to a wider reach of the desired target audience and a chance to create stronger memoria, and visibility for the products.

The diverse pool of experts at SP-Works is motivated to accomplish sales profit by creating a memorable brand experience. The Sales Promoters get comprehensive sales and product training before entering the role of representing a customer brand.

Merchandising in Travel Retail

The Merchandising service is a necessary part to keep track of your brand representation on the spot.

The Baltic sea is small and compact, but a very lively area. Thanks to our merchandising service the promoted product selection will receive a comprehensive status report on a regular basis concerning visibility, pricing, competitor activities, but also important information on developments in the travel retail industry.

The merchandiser performs regular visits to build and maintain strong relations with the staff on ferries, border shops, and the airports. The Merchandisers also provide substantial feedback to enhance the visual representation and make an influence on the brand representation.

The merchandising service also includes a versatile set of supportive functions; production materials, transportation, and storage.

Recruitment Solutions in Travel Retail

Our recruitment service includes detailed industry knowledge and makes SP-Works THE matchmakers in travel retail in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

With our long experience in travel retail in Finland and as the leading provider of promotional services in the Nordic & Baltic Travel Retail market, we have successfully managed to create a large network of key partners, contacts and stakeholders in this specific field. We have also gained valuable knowledge and insights into this industry since we know the requirements and the demands to deliver successful recruits to represent our customers' brands.

Our recruitment process has been improved and developed over the years with the help of understanding our clients' needs - including scouting, interviewing and presenting potential candidates for our clients. Our team is also closely involved in the early stages of recruitment to assist in training, coordination, and in planning the strategy of best practices in the field to ensure the best possible service quality and promotional results.

Locations of operation in the Nordic & Baltic Area

Airports, ferries, and border shops – we are where the travelers are!


Just pick your port, because we sail everywhere in the Baltic Sea. Too many options for where and how you should spend your resources? Leave the planning to us!


Our multilingual staff are ready to boost your sales at every Nordic airport. We can even provide Mandarin-speaking promoters for Helsinki Airport.

Border shops

Strömstad in Sweden, Puttgarden in Germany and Ikla in Latvia are just some of the border locations where you can meet our brand ambassadors and sales promoters.

Interested to learn more about our promotional services?