Nordic Airports Passenger Numbers Update – September 2023

Nordic countries - Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Source:

In September 2023, several Nordic airport operators shared their passenger numbers:

SWEDAVIA, operating in Sweden, reported that about three million passengers traveled through their airports, marking a 5% increase compared to last year and reaching 80% of 2019 levels.

FINAVIA, operating in Finland, saw 1,496,749 passengers in September, a 2.4% increase from the previous year.

COPENHAGEN AIRPORT, largest in Nordics, reported 2,533,764 passengers for the same month, emphasizing a strong demand for travel, extending beyond Europe to the USA.

AVINOR, operating in Norway, had 4.5 million passengers, matching last year’s figures but trailing 10% behind 2019 levels. This somewhat weaker performance might be attributed to rising interest rates.

In summary, Nordic airports are showing signs of recovery, some even surpassing pre-pandemic levels, although factors like interest rate increases impact passenger behavior.