Sales promotions and recruitment solutions since 1994.


Whether you are looking for brand ambassadors, sales promoters, beauty consultants, or merchandisers, or you need to recruit a travel retail specialist, we have the right solution for you. There is no challenge we find unacceptable. We will find Mandarin-speaking promoters for the tourist season and whiskey experts for special events.

Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassador concept is our most popular service. We have chosen our client a dedicated person to represent the brand in a holistic and committed way. Our Brand Ambassadors are Travel Retail professionals who are used to traveling in the Nordic Travel Retail area.

SP-Works brand ambassadors are natural influencers with a professional approach. They are passionate about building and growing relationships and are excellent at collecting feedback. They will be where they are needed and will act as a company’s eyes and ears in the field.

A brand ambassador program is a special type of marketing campaign that puts your company's message in the hands of influencers with a certain goal in mind, such as improving your sales, brand recognition or reputation. These programs can be temporary partnerships that last for a fixed period, or long-term, ongoing relationships. Find individuals that really like your business and are excited to work with you. They must be loyal, committed and engaged with the organization.

Sales Promoters

Promotions are a classic part of the travel experience and an expected addition to the customers' positive store experience. While there are numerous options available today for product advertising through social media, traditional tasting and face-to-face contact still remain strong. Since the information flow to customers is huge, beautiful stories do not always reach the target audience as well as desired.

With face-to-face contact, the client is confronted as an individual, and he leaves the promotional point with a small experience of a richer story and tasty product.


The Baltic Sea is small and compact, but very lively area. Thanks to our merchandising help you will receive a regular and comprehensive report of your promotions, product visibility, pricing, competitor activities, and general industry changes.

Merchandising is usually handled by one committed person who, through regular visits, establishes good relation with ships or airports, provides feedback, and helps to resolve problems. In support of the merchandising service itself, we also provide versatile materials production, transportation and storage.


We dare to say that, with over 20 years of experience, we have developed comprehensive contacts in this field. We know what Travel Retail sector requires and we have completed many successful recruitments over the years. We are a few companies specializing in the recruitment of the Travel Retail sector, so we can say that we are truly familiar with the industry.

Our recruitment process covers the creation of a job posting and publication on selected channels, careful initial selection and multi-stage interviews. On the basis of the best profiles presented by our final selection, our customer will do the final selection. If necessary, we can also be involved in the early stages of employment to assist in training, orientation and practical planning.


Airports, ferries and border shops – we are your eyes and ears in the field!


Just pick your port, because we sail everywhere in the Baltic Sea. Too many options for where and how you should spend your resources? Leave the planning to us!


Our multilingual staff are ready to boost your sales at every Nordic airport. We can even provide Mandarin-speaking promoters for Helsinki Airport.

Border shops

Strömstad in Sweden, Puttgarden in Germany and Ikla in Latvia are just some of the border locations where you can meet our brand ambassadors and sales promoters.

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