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We are here for you to discuss your needs if you are looking for:

- Help with recruitment in the travel retail market
- Organizing promotional events or campaigns
- If you need information about our provided promotional services
- If you are looking for a job in travel retail in the Nordics

And, just so you know - you can contact us in English, Swedish, and Finnish! Let's talk soon.

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Our Team

The team at SP-Works has 10-25 years of experience of the duty-free and travel retail market and are driven to advise you on how to grow your sales with our provided promotional services. Whether you need short-term promoters or a long-term area representative, you are sure to find what you’re looking for from SP-Works.

We operate in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, and Germany. We can provide our promotional services in English, Finnish, Estonian, Swedish, German, Chinese, and Russian.

Petri Parviainen

Founder & CEO
+358 40 544 6898

If you are interested in the latest news about travel retail or want to hear some stories about the golden years of the 1990s, our CEO Petri is the guy for you. Once a promoter himself, he was such a good fit for his role in the travel retail industry that he decided to turn it into a lifelong career.

Katri Jurvelin

Sales Manager
(on Maternity leave)
+358 40 706 0814

She always has more than several irons in the fire, but don’t worry: she will clean the piles on her desk, make a plan for your needs and sell to you. A wine enthusiast – if not in the office, you can find her with a glass of bubbly.

Malin Elg

Project Manager
+358 40 833 2660

Malin takes good care of people and cats alike. Outside the travel retail sector, she might have a bright future in the pharmacy industry. She has a pill in her pocket to cure any trouble, and if it can’t be healed with medicine, then her empathy and good thoughts will certainly help.

Mira Åkerholm

Project Manager
+358 50 538 5714

She came from the field (literally) to our office. A warm-hearted whiskey geek, always ready for new adventures. Nothing is impossible for Mira, and her days tend to include more hours than those of normal people.

Linda Österberg

Project Coordinator
+358 45 635 5596

Sophia Wiiala

Marketing & HR Coordinator


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